Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Fun for Webers and Kuhns in 1927

As the summer closes once again, I thought I’d post a summer fun photo for “Almost, Wordless Wednesday.”  These young girls in our family are enjoying themselves  in Lake McCoy, Decatur County, Indiana.  Here’s my mother, Rose Weber, my aunt, Gin Weber and their cousin, Helen Kuhn having a great time on their vacation.  Based on the ages I estimate this to be taken in 1927.  Rose and Gin’s mother, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, was Helen’s aunt. Rose and Gin Weber and Helen Kuhn, 1927 The children in these families grew up with a tradition of summer outings at Lake McCoy. What was your favorite family vacation?  Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties.
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  1. Here's a great vacation memory sent in an email from cousin, Marilyn Schuster. Thanks for sharing Marilyn:
    My favorite vacation was around 1980. Jerry and I rented two cabins at Schamack Sate Park. We took our three girls, Brandon Jackson, three of the kids cousins: Richard Schuster, Ted Schuster, and Lori Schuster, and Nancy's girlfriend from school, Cara Meyer. The kids, bicycles, all our gear rode in the back of Jerry's truck with a camper shell on it. They LOVED it!
    We spent the whole week there together. The older kids stayed in one cabin. Jerry and I and Lisa and Brandon stayed in the other. We had a bat that would go from cabin to cabin at night and scare the hell out of everybody. The kids went off by themselves during the day. They walked or rode bikes everywhere. That was when they were still able to venture off by themselves without being afraid of being kidnapped!
    The starter went out on the truck,so we had to park on a hill and take two of the boys with us everywhere so they could push the truck so Jerry could get it started.

    The kids would get up, make their beds, clean up their cabin, then come to our cabin for breakfast. Then they would leave to do whatever, come back at noon for the lunch meal (and role call) then go back out until supper. Jerry would cook the meals and the kids all took turns doing kitchen duty.... washing dishes, cleaning up, etc etc.
    The kids still talk about this vacation. It was truly a great memory for all of us.


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