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Surname Saturday - Albrecht

Albrecht Wordle 3

Albrecht Name Meaning:  German: from the personal name, composed of Germanic adal ‘noble’ + berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’.
Maria Albrecht was my fourth great grandmother on my maternal side. (The chart that I’m including here provides the ancestry. If you are one of the numerous cousins in the Risch, Kuhn and Weber families, just substitute your own name and parents, and perhaps grandparents, to see your own family connections.)image  I don’t have further Albrecht ancestors yet, but will hope to turn up Maria’s parents and more of this family history at some point. 
However, looking into Maria’s life we can follow her from birth to death. According to her death record at the Catholic Church in Hugstetten, Baden, Germany, she was born in 1754.  Those church records also let us know that  she was born in Wendlingen, a village approximately five miles from Hugstetten and 80 miles northwest of Frieburg, near the western border of Germany. 
As a young lady of 17 she married a 43-year-old widower with four children, Urban Risch.  Maria was Urban’s second wife and they married on 29 July 1771 in the Hugstetten Catholic Church.  She gave birth to five children in their home, No 70, in Hugstetten. (1)  ( You can click this link for the previous story about the Risch family that connects with Maria Albrecht.)
Maria Albrecht Risch died on 8 March 1814 at the age of 60.  Her death record, from the Baden-Wurttemberg records at the archives in Freiburg,  was translated for me by the generous members of the Germany Genealogy Facebook page, as follows: 
In the year 1814 the 8th march in night at 10 o´clock died in house nr. 70 and was the 10th. In the evening at 1/2 past 3 o´clock by the below signing buried: Maria Risch, nee Albrecht, old 60 years, the wife of the deceased Urban Risch. Witnesses of the death are Christian Höllstab(?), farmer and Josef Nick(?), bricklayer. J.M. Mießburger, priest.  (2)
Maria and Urban’s youngest son, Mathias,  and his wife, Maria Weiss, emigrated to New Alsace, Dearborn County, Indiana with their seven children in 1828.  It is through this marriage that the Albrecht genetics is passed to those of us in this line.
1. Zimmer, Mary Cathryn, Louis M. Risch Family and Ancestors, Hugstetten, Baden, Germany, 1708-1828, Dearborn County, Indiana, 1828-1934, 1994, Columbia, MD., copy in possession of Nancy Niehaus Hurley.
2.  Online database of records of the Hugstetten Catholic Church at the State Archives in Freiburg.

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