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We Appreciate Our Family Veterans

This is an important day:  Veterans Day.  Our U. S. military veterans have assured the blessings we have as a country and continue to protect those freedoms.  Whether the service provided was one month or 30 years, we owe them thanks.  My sister, Marti, is working on gathering information on each and every veteran in our family so that we canU. S. flag honor them through our family history.  What a super idea! 
I thought that I would carry on her tribute by publishing her resulting list of veterans in our Niehaus and Weber families.  We are almost sure that the list isn’t complete yet.  So, please pass along any information on additional family veterans.  Or, let us know if there are corrections.  And a few of these folks are related through both families.  So, there are notes referring to them under each family.    
Thank You To Our Veterans
Niehaus Family:
Dennis P. Buis, WWII, husband of Mary Stull, son-in-law of Josephine (Niehaus) and James Albert Stull.
Steve Groves, National Guard, served oversees, husband of Tanya Pugh, son-in-law of Ray and Diana Pugh
Horace Hickman, U. S. Army, WWII, husband of Alberta (Stull) Hickman
Jerry R. Hurley, U. S. Army Reserves, 1960s, husband of Nancy (Niehaus) Hurley
Frank R. Kirn, WWII, son of Ralph and Minnie (Niehaus) Kim
Bernard H. Niehaus, U. S. Army, WWII, son of Gerhard and Amanda Niehaus
Charles L. Niehaus, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII, 1942-1945, son of John and Ruth Niehaus
Donald F. Niehaus, U.S. Army Reserves, 1960s, son of Frank & Rosemary (Weber) Niehaus
Harold “Norris” Niehaus, U. S. Army, WWII, 1943-1945, son of John and Ruth Niehaus
Joseph Niehaus, III, U. S. Army, WWII, son of Joseph, Jr. and Mary Niehaus
William Niehaus, U.S. Marines, Vietnam War, 1966-1968, son of Ed & Virginia (Weber) Niehaus
Ray Pugh, son-in-law of Charlotte (Niehaus) Baxter, husband of Diana (Ellis) Pugh
Levi Reynolds, U.S. Air Force, grandson-in-law of Diana Pugh, husband of Britney Pugh
Gerald Schuster, Air Force, 1959-1961, husband of Marilyn (Niehaus) Schuster
James W. Stull, U.S. Army, WWII, husband of Peg (Weber) Stull, son of Josephine (Niehaus) and James A. Stull
James Mark Stull, U.S. Air Force, (son of Jim & Peg Stull)
Joshua Walters, U.S. Marines, Iraq War, son of Rosie & Doug Walters, grandson of Peg & Jim Stull
Joshua Westerfield, U.S. Army, Mar. 2011 – Aug. 2014, and five years in National Guard, grandson of Marilyn and Jerry Schuster, great grandson of Ed & Gin Niehaus
Weber Family:
Mike Holzer U.S. Navy, currently serving, son of Chuck & Pat Holzer
Barney Kuhn U. S. Army, 1864-1865, Civil War, son of Martin and Katherine Kuhn
Donald Niehaus (See above list)
William Niehaus (See above list)
James M. Stull (See above list)
Marvin Swift U.S.Army, SP-5, Korea, served 1968 – 1971, husband of Joyce (Holzer) Swift
Wayne Swift U.S.Army, Sfc. (E-7), Iraq, 1992-1995, and U.S.Army National
Guard, son of Marvin & Joyce Swift, serving in Guard 30+ yrs.
Andrew Swift U.S.Army Reserves, 2011-present, son of Kevin & Lisa Swift, grandson of Joyce (Holzer) and Marvin Swift
Stephen Topper U.S. Air Force, Col., Fighter Pilot, 1970-2002, 32 yrs., husband of Barbara (Weber) Topper, son-in-law of Robert & Emma Weber
Joshua Walters (See above list)
Adam Weber U. S. Army, 1864-1865, Civil War, grandfather of Harry Lawrence Weber
Harry J. Weber U.S. Army, 1946-47 -- husband of Ruth Weber, son of Harry & Tillie Weber
Joshua Westerfield (See above list)
We would like to honor all veterans for their service to us and our country. The freedoms we all enjoy are because they stood or are standing for us against tyranny.

copyright 2013 Nancy Niehaus Hurley

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  1. I have an update to our family veterans list: Mark Joseph Murphy, Commander in the U. S. Navy, approximate service, 1971-2001. We appreciate your service, Mark!


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