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52 Ancestors Challenge: Carrie Gabe -- Another 3rd Great Grandmother Search

     Carrie Gabe,image I wonder where exactly she was born and how long she lived.   Did she have any siblings?  How many children did she have?  I have more questions than answers about this third great grandmother.  Time for another family history brainstorming session to give me a push on Carrie’s history.
     Let’s start with what I do know about her.  From her daughter, Caroline Mischky’s, death certificate I learned that Carrie’s maiden name was Gabe; she was born in Germany and married Carl Mischky.  I’m estimating her birth year between 1820 to 1830, based on the birth of her daughter in 1851.  Perhaps Carrie Gabe Mischky was Lutheran. Also a speculation due to the fact that her daughter is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Indianapolis.  
     The only clue to the part of Germany where Carrie may have called home is from the second-marriage record of her daughter’s widower, Wilhelm Marsischky.  In 1905 he reported that his birthplace was Stolp County, Germany.  This area of Germany wasEvelyn Ellis relationship chart to Carrie Gabe known as Pomerania in the years he would have lived there, 1852-1875.  Wikipedia reports that Landkreis Stolp was an administrative district of the Prussian Province of Pomerania in Germany, existing from 1816 to 1945.  This is a link that may bring me to more records for Carrie Gabe.   So now I have the research goal for this 52 Ancestor Challenge: find more Stolp County, Pomerania records.  Also, how many Lutheran church records exist for this time frame and location?  Following up on Carrie Gabe is now significantly on my To-Do List.
     Does anyone reading this family history connect to me through Carrie Gabe Mischky?  Would love to hear from fellow researchers with ideas for finding more about her.
     In case the information of have to date will assist anyone else researching in the Gabe, Mischky, Marsischky lines, I am including a family sheet for Carrie Gabe in this post (above). Also posted here are two relationship charts.  Instead of including only my direct line, this time I produced a chart mapping my cousin, Evelyn Ellis, to Carrie.  Evelyn and her sisters and brother are very generous in helping me to complete our Niehaus genealogy through their immediate family.
To make this story Nancy Niehaus relationship chart to Carrie Gabe.about Carrie as thorough as possible, here’s a link to my Family Lines page that includes her Descendant Report .    Carrie Gabe Mischky lives through the generations of great grandchildren of our family in this report.   
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