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Wilhelm (William) F. Marsischky -- Where Did He End UP? -- 52 Ancestors Challenge

The 52 Ancestors Challenge is the creation of Amy Johnson Crow at www.nostorytoosmall.com.  She's bringing together family history writers who share ancestral stories throughout 2014.  There’s a weekly update on Amy's blog linking to the group of stories by surname.
     Don't you hate it when you find all the history for an ancestor but the very last detail, the burial?!  My second great grandfather, Wilhelm (William) F. Marsischky, is one of those frustrating ancestors.  I've uncovered his birth, his immigration, his occupations, his wives, his children and, oh yeah, even his obituary.  But where is he buried???
    I do have details about Grandfather Marsischky's life that construct an interesting story, though. Wilhelm F. Marsischky Individual Summary  From his marriage records I know that he was born in Stolp County, Germany, (Pomerania), on 3 June 1852.  Somehow he was able to acquire the funds to bring his wife and four children to America in 1880, when he was 28 years old.   I'm including an individual summary report at the right that briefly lists the facts about Wilhelm Marsischky.  He was a day laborer, a gardener and a metal worker.  He married three times: Carolina Mischky (m. about 1875 in Germany), Fredericke Heyden (m. 15 May 1905 in Indianapolis) and Josephine Domarchko (m. 1 Apr 1911 in Indianapolis).  William and Carolina had seven children: Martha, Otto, William, Lena, Anna, Maria and Carl, four born in Germany, two born in New York and the last born in Indianapolis, Indiana.
      Along the way I've also been fortunate to find another Marsischky family researcher that provided a lead on our common ancestor's obituary in the Indianapolis Times. (Transcription below) I was so pleased to have this information, thinking that I would now also have a link to his gravesite.  
Indianapolis Times, Tuesday 4/17/1923, Pg. 9, Col. 1
Marsischky, William F.
“Age 73 years, beloved husband of Josephine Marsischky and father of Otto, William and Charles Marsischky and Mrs. Martha Albers, Mrs. Lena Mitchell, Mrs. Anna Rosemeyer, and brother of Albert Marsischky, and Mrs. Lena Hause, passed away Monday April 16 at 6:20 am. Short services at the residence 2441 Coyner Ave., Wednesday April 18 # 1:00 pm followed by funeral at the Lutheran church on the corner of Brookside and Jefferson Avenues at 2 pm. Friends invited. Burial at Lutheran Cemetery.”
     I know.  The information in the obit seems so helpful and complete.  He has a funeral at the Lutheran church and is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery. But….not exactly.  Researching Lutherans we know that "Lutheran Cemetery" translates to Concordia Cemetery on the south side of Indianapolis.  Yes, his first wife Carrie Marsischky is buried there.   William did buy the plot where Carrie is buried and there is roomRelationship chart - Wilhelm Marsischky to Chloe Peck for another burial but they have no record in either the card system or on the plot maps of William.  Even two of his sons and their wives are buried next to Carrie Marsischky.  But no William.  Of course, that part of the story could be completely logical since he died 19 years after his first wife and married twice in those years.
     So, how about a cemetery near the church mentioned in the obituary?  That church is now another denomination.  And there is Chloe Peck photo.  Copyright (c) indianaties.comno cemetery located at or near that church.   I have investigated other cemeteries in the vicinity of his home at the time of his death.  And every time I see a new cemetery index online in the vicinity, I plug in William Marsischky.  (Next, I think I'll be repeating those Google map searches to make sure I didn't miss one.)
     Oh well, I have to be patient and may never find everything, right?  For now, I'm happy to know a bit about how William Marsischky lived.  He seems to have had a life filled with many relationships and experiences, from Germany to New York to Indiana.  A particular part of those relationships resulted in descendants leading to one of my great nieces, Chloe Peck.  Since June is her birthday month I'm including at the left a chart (click to enlarge) of her lineage to William Marsischky, her fourth great grandfather.   Happy Birthday Chloe! 

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