Thursday, March 26, 2015

Martha's Heritage Quilt - Treasure Chest Thursday

        There are many remembrances that spring up whenever these unique quilts unfold.  Faces, personalities, celebrations - they all start flowing into our heads. Now I have Marti looks at the handiwork by cousins, aunts, uncles, and youngsters in the family.another heirloom brimming with memories to preserve here in our virtual Family Treasure Chest.
       Speaking of memories, last week I had a delightful birthday celebration with my sister, Marti.  The two of us had a fun sister day. Our gabbing during those kinds of visits can be expected to cover nearly everything.  Somehow Marti brought up my latest posts about quilts for Treasure Chest Thursday.  Oh super!!  That's what I was trying to remember -- to take photos of the family heritage quilt that she has in that special place at her house.  So now I can feature  another beautiful creation by Peg (Weber) Stull.   Here's the Niehaus reunion quilt that belongs to my sister Marti (Martha Niehaus Fleetwood).
    In the photo on the left top Marti's reading the inscriptions, probably the 100th time she's looked them over.  I know that different thoughts come to mind on each occasion.  We smiled as we read several that day and remarked about the people included in those memories.
     These heritage quilts are touching in many ways. Over the years they all connect to one another, yet are distinctly different. They hold history of the family, each square carefully prepared by someone attending that particular reunion. The pleasure/skill/ingenuity/care is evident to everyone who participates.  I think they wrap everyone together - Much appreciation goes to Peg for crafting the family quilt every year.those family Marti's Quilt Square: Donald, Martha, Nancy Rose, Nance Carole & Linda; Children of Frank & Rosemary Niehaus; Grandchildren of John & Louise Niehauswho take time to gather each year with those that began and carried on the reunion tradition all those years ago.  
     Also in these photos are two perfect examples of how we carry our loved ones along with us in this way.  Peg made the square on the right remembering her husband, James Stull (Shad) and his mother, Josephine (Niehaus) Stull. 
     Pictured on the bottom left is the quilt square personalized by my sister.  She included the four sisters and one brother in our family, our parents and Niehaus grandparents. Those six family members who've passed on (and someday the rest of us) are now memorialized in this heirloom.  That's nice.
     I appreciate Marti letting me tuck her family heritage quilt inside our Family Treasure Chest on Indiana Ties. 
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