Saturday, May 9, 2015

Announcing Nancy's Finding Aids at Indiana Ties

     How could I possibly pay forward some portion of the helpful assistance I've had in family research?  One way would be to share the resources I use in finding family history and improving on my research.  That's the idea!!  So, I've been building a "Nancy's Finding Aids" page here on Indiana Ties.  It's above this post, on the right.  There's much more to be added to the page.  But I believe it's time for me to announce my new resource.  These are websites and locations that I consult online or visit in person.  Hopefully, others will find them of interest as well.
     There are many ways I could introduce Nancy's Finding Aids.  But my choice is to feature two of my favorite websites that provide a great deal of assistance and are both treasure troves of fun, each in its own way.  
     Geneabloggers is Thomas MacEntee's popular online group (at the link below). This resource brings family history bloggers and readers a plethora of blogging ideas and events.  The Geneabloggers, of which I am a member, is a fantastic resource for networking.
     Genealogy Gems is Lisa Louise Cooke's website (at the link below). Lisa provides podcasts that share researching tips, interviews family history experts and educates on ways to locate ancestors.  There is a portion of the site that's paid, the premium area (I am a subscriber and love it!), but she is very generous with the free assistance and materials.  For instance, to read from her library of shared information on the website go to the Select Content by Topic button and you'll find lots to keep you occupied. 
     I could say much more about each one of these two family research aids because the websites are overflowing with benefits.  But I'll let everyone explore.  
     And don't forget to click on my new link above at Nancy's Finding Aids.

Favorite Genealogy Sharing Blogs:
Geneabloggers, Thomas MacEntee:
Genealogy Gems, Lisa Louise Cooke:

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