Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Celebrate All Types of Sisters: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Creating a "wordless wednesday" post is not me. So, mine are "almost wordless wednesday."  This week I'm sticking with the Women's History Month theme. Below is a picture that brings together ladies from both of my parents' families, Niehaus and Weber.

I can imagine that this photo may have been celebrating my Grandpa (John) Niehaus's birthday, July 4, because it is taken at his home, 44 E. National Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana. It's probably about 1950.   
From left to right are:
Gertrude Niehaus and Ruth Niehaus (John's daughter and his wife),Charlotte Niehaus Ellis, Anne Stahl Niehaus, Shirley Ellis, Gin (Weber) Niehaus and my mom, Rose (Weber) Niehaus.  So....Gert, Charlotte, Anne, Gin and Rose fall into the category of sisters-in-law or step-sisters or sisters.  The shortest explanation for that situation in the Niehaus and Weber families is: My mother (Rose) and her sister (Gin) married Niehaus brothers, Frank and Ed, and therefore became sisters-in-law with Anne, Charlotte and Gert; and aunts to Shirley. 
Regardless of their placement, all of these ladies brought their special brand to our family.

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