Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Niehaus Schmaltz Wedding, 22 July 1950: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

        I was 16 months old when my Uncle Norris and Aunt Betty married on a sunny July 22 in 1950. Even though I missed this party (too young, I guess), I enjoy seeing the Niehaus family celebrating the wedding of Harold “Norris” Niehaus and Elisabeth F. Schmaltz at their reception held at Lake Shore Country Club  in Indianapolis, IN.
     Standing in the back row are from left to right:
     Frank (Norris’s brother) and Rosemary (Weber) Niehaus, my parents; Shirley Ellis, my cousin; John Niehaus, my grandfather and Norris’s father; Betty (Schmaltz) Niehaus, the bride; Ruth Niehaus (Mrs. John), Norris’s mother; Charlotte (Niehaus) Ellis, Norris’s sister; Harold “Norris” Niehaus, the groom; Evelyn Ellis, my cousin; Ed Niehaus, Norris’s brother; Anne Niehaus (Mrs. Robert); Robert Niehaus, Norris’s brother.
     Seated left to right are:
     Martha Niehaus, my sister; Charles Niehaus, Norris’s brother; Marilyn Niehaus, my cousin; Larry Niehaus, Norris’s brother; Donna Niehaus (in front), my cousin; Billy Niehaus (standing behind Donna), my cousin; Kitty Niehaus, my cousin; Donny Niehaus, my brother; Kenny Niehaus, my cousin; Gin (Weber) Niehaus, (Mrs. Ed); Sharon Ellis, my cousin; Unknown lady; Diana Ellis, my cousin (seated at right).
     At least one of these cousins, Marilyn, seems to be having fun as she entertains some of the adults with her pose. 
      My uncle Norris would have been 92 years old tomorrow, October 20.  He and Betty were married almost 55 years when he passed on in 2005.  It's pleasant remembering them.
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