Friday, January 13, 2017

A Fresh Look At The Road To Family History Priorities and Progress

     Staying focused on my priorities in family history research can be tough.  There are constant shiny objects attracting me that are oodles of fun to follow.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  For me, enjoying the search and discovery is certainly a huge part of the reason to do this.  But, sometimes I feel the need to get back on the main highway.
     So I’ve slowed for a few minutes to bring the road into my scope again.  Where am I?  What locations in the family history would I like most to visit soon?  Which families might I have flown by without notice?  Where have I made some inroads in the past year? Who would I most like to know more about, if at all possible?
     image In order to help me get some of these answers I went back to one of the basics.  I created my own pedigree chart once again to see the overall situation. (Click on the image to the left for larger version.)  After comparing older charts, I’m happy to say that I can see the history growing.  Of course, my history has a few more roads to travel.  But Wow! Look at the people here that are a part of all of us in this family group. (The 4th and 5th great grandparents in the Risch line didn't make it to this page.)
    Also, in my opinion, taking a look at this pedigree chart lays out the landscape.  I can decipher some overall goals for this next year.  Those 2nd and 3rd great grandparents’ open spaces are sending loud messages.  Come find me.  
      To use this tool a little further, I put red X’s next to the surnames, or surname blanks, that I’ve decided to make priorities.  I’ll post a copy on my bulletin board where I see it all the time. Maybe those challenges will be louder that way. 
      Some of these names on the To Do list, such as Beerman, Kamp and Kraut, have had only a minimum of focus over many years of researching. Yes, those surnames are three of my ladies.  I’m realizing that this may be the year for enhancing the stories of my 2nd great grandmothers.  They’re waiting for my burst of energy. 
      This chart also reminds me of research I’ve already begun.  There are a few stubborn family members lurking in the forest that I abandoned in mid-stride.  I’ll reconnect those research projects and see where they lead this time.  Such as the Kuhn/Birkenstock Project where I had great success in 2016. I know there’s a strong lead to be followed on the marriage of Martin Kuhn and Katherine Birkenstock in Neustadt, Kurhessen, Germany.  Time to jump into those church records from the Family History Library. 
 For a quick summary of those red X’s that make up the new surname research priorities:
           ----  Albers         ----  Beerman        ----  Birkenstock     
           ----  Kamp          ----  Kihn (Keen)   ----  Kraut        
           ----  Kuhn          ----  Wilmsen

   To Martin, Kate, Maria, Elizabeth and Valent, and all of those yet unknown:  I’m on my way.  I can already feel the wheels turning and making progress down the road.
   Are there any fellow researchers interested in the folks on my list of priorities?  I’m happy to share information, ideas or just connect.
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