Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Weber Kuhn Reunion Announcement -- Do You Remember Any Others Way Back When?



          Our Weber Kuhn Reunion is fast taking on a special event status.  This is the seventh year in a row for our current round of reunions.   A few of us remember when we were much younger and our parents organized all of us at a park but we’re not sure how many of those occurred. I do have a photo of my cousin Barb Weber and I that’s marked 1962 Weber Reunion.  So I can attest to one gathering 55 years ago.  OMG!  Do you remember this Barb or Janet?  Anyone else have other photos?1962 Weber Reunion

  It’s fun to anticipate having a summer  afternoon to reconnect, reminisce, share a meal and laughs.  Above is the invitation that outlines where, when and how for the 2017 gathering.  Each year we have some kind of rather casual competition.  Whether it be taking wild guesses at the number of candy in a jar or competing to see who can answer the most unusual questions about each other.  A few years ago we played the “Name The Relatives in These Photos” game.  The conversations about who various ones might be were interesting.  So, I’m putting together a new selection of photos and we’ll see how many can identify them.  I thought I’d give a head start to anyone who reads this blog by posting the photos here.  There could even be some advance teamwork.  The grand prize will be announced later.  But you’ll want to start preparing by discussing these snapshots in time with all your family.



     The reunion of this family includes anyone descended from Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber family or Charles and Mary Anna (Risch) Kuhn of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Join us on August 26 at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana.   Everyone’s welcome!


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     Nancy (Niehaus) Hurley


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