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Saving Memories of the 2017 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion in Indy

        On August 26, 2017, members of our Weber Kuhn Family saved a day to enjoy each other’s company once again.  We gathered at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana,  to say hi and catch up on the happenings in our lives.
It was an outstanding afternoon of conversation, good food and laughter.  I’m posting a few of the photos here and there’s a link below to the reunion page where more great memories are residing.
     We were all very pleased that a member of our Weber clan attended for the first time this year, Carole Ditlinger Greer.  Her mother, Edith Weber Ditlinger, was a sister of Harry Lawrence Weber and grew up with their ten other siblings on Alabama Street in Indianapolis.
     Carole was kind enough to bring many old family photos to share. Below I’m posting a photo of Carole (on right) with Janet (Weber) Jenkins (cousins).  Below also  is a photo of Carole’s mother, Edith, as a young girl that was among the beautiful selection of family photos that Carole shared.  We all enjoyed getting to know her better and hope she’ll choose to keep attending the reunion.   The history table was even more popular this year as a result of the extra photos that Janet and Carole shared with us all.   Take a look at the cousins soaking up images and stories of their ancestors in the albums.
Janet Weber Jenkins and Carole Ditlinger Greer at 2017 Weber Kuhn Reunion. Great fun getting acquainted.         Edith Marie Weber, born 25 March 1896, Indianapolis, IN
History Table 2017

     Another example of the good times we have at our family reunions is visiting with Aunt Peg and Aunt Ruth.  They are so upbeat and always keep us inspired.  Below they are enjoying a dessert on this beautiful summer afternoon in Indy. 
     Quilting is a strong tradition in this Weber family.  Peg’s sister Dolly assisted her daughter-in-law, Pat Holzer,  in learning to quilt.  In the next photo below Pat is displaying one of her creations she brought to the reunion to share.  She will be passing along as well the quilting treasures that Dolly left in safekeeping with Pat to be given to her grandchildren as they marry.  How beautiful to know that these cherished pieces and the skill of quilting will continue down the generations.  
Peg Weber Stull, Ruth Weber --  visiting at the Weber Kuhn Reunion, Aug 26, 2017.

   Pat Holzer's Quilt

     The family heritage quilt sewn with love by Marti Fleetwood from quilt squares created at last year’s reunion was a classic.  Below is a photo of  the prize being held by this year’s winners, Dick and Janet Jenkins.  Marti is on the right.  And one small sample of the quilt squares is below.   Great job lady!
2017 Weber Kuhn Heritage Quilt, Dick and Janet Jenkins winners - with Marti Fleetwood, the quilter.


    I have more great moments to show you from this family gathering but they won’t all fit on this one blog page.  They are posted on the Weber Kuhn Reunion page. (Link is below)  But I want to include one more important featured photo here.  That’s the whole gang assembled for the annual group photo.  A few had to leave before taking this one, but most everyone that could make it for this August get-together showed their beautiful faces here.  I’m so grateful for this lovely family.
2017 Weber Kuhn Reunion Photo

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  1. seeing the pictures! Those quilts, Pat's and the one made by Marti, are beautiful. Wish we could have made it, but we'll be there next year!! Thanks for sharing! - Anne


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