Thursday, April 19, 2018

Treasure Chest Thursday: My Mom’s Plastic Wallet Photo Holder

Rosemary Weber Niehaus, Martha Niehaus, Linda Niehaus, Nancy Niehaus    Are you the same way I am about the meanings or feelings connected with a few items that have no monetary value?   Maybe they remind you of an event, such as a visit with someone special.  Or there’s  somehow a lasting attachment to a family member. 
     Well, I don’t have very many of these types of keepsakes.  But the ones I do have are fantastic at conjuring up memories.  In order to bring me back into the swing of my family history writing after quite a while of disconnection here, I’m revisiting some of these treasures.   
     The item I’ve chosen gets directly into that nostalgic realm  --  my mom’s plastic wallet photo holder.  Do you recall having one of these in your wallet? I do.  But who knows where mine got to.  But fortunately, I have the one belonging to Rosemary Ethel Weber Niehaus.   My mom carried these photos below in her purse for many years.  They are all photos of her children, my brother, my two sisters and me. There’s a myriad of stories in this little packet that folds into the size to be carried in her wallet.  
     She kept these photos close by.  And, of course, they were each marked with names and years.  Some even have writing on the front, as she was known to do occasionally.  Here we are below  in various stages of our youth and young adulthood, approximately 1942 through 1968.  Rose had these special photos until her death in 2001.  The photo on the bottom right (sideways color shot)  is Mom with her three daughters at Christmas 1966, the photo featured at the top of this post.

     Rosemary Weber Niehaus Wallet Photos, her children
    Rosemary Weber Niehaus Wallet Photos
     It’s fun thinking of the many, many stories wrapped up in each one of these folds, especially Mom’s cherishing the memories.  Realizing that storing photos in plastic can be destructive, I removed them to scan them into my digital archives.   But, for now anyway, they need to stay just where they are.  There’s so much more history that’s going on with them in this format.

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