Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grandpa Niehaus's Picture Pops Up - Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

That's how these things happen! I was talking to my cousin Diana Pugh at the Niehaus reunion a few weeks ago. We couldn't remember the birth year for one of our uncles. Before I knew it Diane had called her sister, Sharon, on her cell phone because  "She's the one who can remember dates and names."   Pretty soon several of us were taking turns catching up by phone with Sharon.  It was a lot of fun.
The next day I received an email from Sharon. That's what I mean by "these things happen."  I guess that when Sharon finished talking with her Niehaus cousins she felt like looking at old photos. John Niehaus Family, 1955 Family Reunion
So, she decided to share one with us - a fabulous memory of our Grandpa Niehaus seated with his children and grandchildren surrounding him. I don't remember ever seeing this photo from our family reunion in 1956.  This has to be one of the last photos taken of John Niehaus, since he died in November of 1956.
I'm grateful to Sharon for taking us down memory lane!  There is much to say about this scene....but I'll keep it "almost wordless."  That's me standing behind Grandpa, looking sideways. Sharon is seated on the ground at his right. And there's Diana standing, holding a baby.   I believe this reunion was at Garfield Park on the south side of Indianapolis. (I've posted a list of the people in the photo on the Niehaus Reunion tab above.)

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