Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weber Kuhn Reunion - Reflecting on a Quality August Day

     There's so much to do in the summer - fairs, family reunions, flea markets, growing flowers and fruit, a few quick trips and all that fun stuff!  I'm just sayin'  - that's my excuse for lagging behind on my family history posts.  But now's the time to get this summer's reunions inserted in the family history. So here we go....first on the agenda is a taste of the Weber Kuhn Reunion on August 22 at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana. 
     The camaraderie and enjoyment were tremendous!  As usual, the vast array of food contributed by everyone brought smiles and sharing all around.  Everything from beef and noodles to fresh fruit salads to brownies and cobblers were brimming from our picnic buffet table.  After making a couple of trips to be sure we sampled enough of the yummies, it was time to get to serious cousin time.  There were updates on grandchildren, graduations and vacations everywhere.  And now we'll be waiting for a report  from Nancy, Kathy and Anne (Weber girls) about the latest family trip to Florida.  They received instructions aplenty on watching out for defective wooden stairs and balconies. There were also those of us diving into the family history, exploring news since last year, discussing possible connections and sharing theories to investigate.  And there were those putting their brains to work on the contests to guess the numbers of beans and candy and trinkets inside the mason jars.
     Then, a new conversation game brought out some interesting family facts all around.  We competed to see who could find the most relatives who've experienced an event or owned an item or tasted a dish, or whatever.   This game, organized by Anne (Weber) Graham, ramped up as the group went about asking each other if they'd eaten somewhere or met a celebrity.   It seemed as though a couple of the toughest people to locate was someone who had tasted the St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail or a person who did not have email.  But the most consistent blank on the contest sheets was "Has taken a cruise in the past year."   I guess we're not a cruising family.  Conversations revealed characteristics some of us didn't know about each other.  I learned that  Janet Holzer was a successful Jeopardy contestant and that another cousin, Matt Lindblom's undergraduate degree is from the Indiana University School of music .    The winner this fun challenge with 23 of 25 answers was Nancy (Weber) Gholson.  Great job Nancy!  
     Of course, I can't tell this story without mentioning the family heritage quilt raffle.  Especially since Rosie (Stull) Walters finally won one of her mother's beautiful creations. Thanks again Aunt Peg for providing your special tradition created with love.  (I'll post the quilt photo in our album below).
     I think that all of us taking the time to gather on August 22, 2015, would agree it was a special day.  That's quality time!
Here are few of those moments captured in photos:

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  1. This is beautiful Nance...another job well done. Wonderful group of photos too. I like that they can download them if they want to make copies.

    Love you

  2. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! - Anne


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