Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More Weber Scrapbook Photos Reveal The Family Outlook -- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      The Wordless Wednesday Almost posts have gained a new chapter thanks to cousin Carole Greer, daughter of Edith (Weber) Ditlinger.  As I've mentioned in past posts, Carole generously provided me with many new-to-me photographs from her family albums.  I'm happy to have them all scanned now and will keep sharing them on the blog as I have the time.  It's hard choosing which one to post next, but the ladies below are having such a good time they jumped right onto this page.Edith (Weber) Ditlinger and her sister, Alberta (Weber) DeJong share something  -- Maybe it's winnings from the card game.
   Back of photo of Edith & Alberta   Above is a photo of Edith (Weber) Ditlinger and Alberta (Weber) DeJong, two sisters happily sharing a day together. I wanted to post the back of the photo also since sometimes we aren't fortunate enough to have them marked for us.  I don't know the date of the photo but would guess it's mid-1940s.  From the history I know, I'll say that this is a common happening when a few of the large Weber family came to visit at the former home of their parents, Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber on South Alabama Street in Indianapolis.  A few of the siblings lived in the home until somewhere in that time frame.  
    As soon as I looked closely at this setting I saw the signs of a card game and a few beers. (Note the remnants on the table.)  There seems to be something in Edith's hand that these two are pleased with.  Maybe it's winnings from the card game.
     I am thrilled to have this little piece of the Weber family history.  Edith and Alberta were two of my mother's aunts who were admired greatly.   I can see my mother and her siblings in both of these ladies' faces.  Their love of life and sense of humors were definitely passed down.  My cousins and I thank you, Edith and Alberta for your smiles! 
     Anyone have a story about these sisters or their siblings that you'd like for me to share?  We would be happy to hear from others who grew up knowing these ladies or members of the extended huge family.  Keep watching for more Weber Scrapbook photos to follow.
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