Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Flashback - Imagining With Krissy

     As a child I remember putting imagination into our Halloween costumes.  We had a chest with various types of masks and a few old pieces of costumes/clothing.  It was fun to drag out something to see what we could make each year.  It was entertaining to see what everyone created.   A great deal of the enjoyment was about roaming the neighborhood with friends and gathering as much candy and treats as we could.  Then, we'd dump it out on a newspaper when we got home to see what we wanted to keep and what we might try to trade, or just give to the parents.   And then, we put the scary devil mask away until next year.Krissy as a hobo for Halloween, about 1988.

     When Krissy started going trick-or-treating I guess I was still somewhat in that mode. (That would be about 1982-1992.)  Here's a photo of her in about 1988 when we used one of my jackets and a pair of my boots and pants.  I think she's a hobo.  The mask is really great, and especially that huge fake cigar.  I can't remember if it was bubble gum…..maybe.  The hat is a mystery too.  I don't think it was mine.

    Fast forward a few years to middle school.  She's creatively painted her own mask and became a cat with the addition of the ears.  Steve goes along with anything, as usual.  So, he's posing with the kitty cat.

Steve 005

     Pretending and imagining and creating alter egos is good for the psyche for this one day a year! 

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