Friday, November 22, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Krissy’s Crock Pot Pork

It sure is nice having good cooks as family and friends!  I’ve had fun soliciting contributions and digging through old favorite recipes to post here on Family Recipe Friday.   
Krissy's Crock Pot Pork recipe2nd page, Krissy's Crock Pot Pork recipeOne family “chef” that I haven’t featured yet is my daughter, Krissy Underwood.  We enjoy cooking together, but she long ago went to another level with her knowledge and her knack.  She’s my resource if I need advice on ingredients or cooking methods.   And I can depend on her creating a special dish or two for any occasion. 
Many of her recipes are the kind where you just “wing it”.   Kristen Underwood 2002But, I have some really great ones that she’s written down for me, too.  
Her Crock Pot Pork recipe has become a favorite.  There are a few steps, nothing complicated though, and it all comes together very well.    
Especially with the fall weather, this is a nice dish to come home to after a day at work, or just being out for a few hours.  Hope you enjoy it, too!
Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties.  Let me know about your favorite recipes.  Click here for more recipes from our Family Recipe Friday series.

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