Thursday, December 5, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday–Dad’s Woodworking

Did your Dad have hobbies that seem to have been just a natural part of him?  He spent a lot of his spare time involved in this activity.  Maybe the family didn’t talk about it all that much, but he evidently received much satisfaction fromAnother decorative item made by Frank Niehaus. doing it.  So goes woodworking for my Dad, Frank Niehaus.  Ever since I can remember he was creating something in his workshop in the garage or building a cabinet or a room on a home.  Growing up I would hear him call: “Sis, would you come here and hold this board.” or “How about bringing me those nails.” I can still smell the saw dust, see the baby food jars of nuts and bolts and the many types of boards stacked on shelves in his workshop, the third room oDecorative shelf made by Frank Niehaus.f our garage.  And he continued to have a workshop wherever he lived until he could no longer do those things.

One of his favorite projects was modeling and constructing decorative shelves that could hang in an entry, on a porch or wherever you wanted.  I’m very glad these two shelves survived my moves over the years.  He liked to put ceramic animals on the shelves.  This squirrel came with mine.       

Another part of the process of these woodworking projects that I remember from when I was older, and paid more attention, is his drawings.  He would sketch out his plans bDad's sketches of woodworking projects.eforehand for a remodeling project or a stereo speaker or a planter, or whatever he imagined next.  Here is an example of those sketches.

I can’t say that I know how he became interested in constructing things from wood, or if anyone taught him how to use a skill saw and make the pieces fit together correctly.  But, I presume he may have learned from his Frank Niehaus, about 1985.father, John Niehaus.  This is among the many topics I wish I had discussed with him.  There are so many. 

Regardless of the unknown whys and hows, I include these items in my Treasure Chest.  And that makes me wonder about the “hobbies” of all my uncles and aunts that I could include here.  The quilting talents  are abundant and are definitely already on the schedule for the near future. But, what other treasures are out there?  How did Uncle Harry build that boat anyway?  Did anyone in the family write stories or dabble in art? 

Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties.  I’m happy to post any family history you would like to share. 

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