Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Remembering a Nice Niehaus Aunt and Uncle -- Wordless Wednesday Almost

     It's difficult for me to make a Wordless Wednesday post without saying something. So, my posts are  “almost” wordless.
     This time I'm going to say a few words remembering a cherished aunt and uncle.   Robert, my dad's brother, and Anne Niehaus were very nice people. They grew up on the south side of Indianapolis, married and raised their family in the same vicinity.  They are pictured here at the 2003 Niehaus Reunion in Mooresville, Indiana.  I remember reminiscing with them and sharing updates on our families that day.   Since that time they have both passed away.Anne and Robert Niehaus, 2003  The Niehaus Reunion will take place again on this Saturday, September 12.  My aunt and uncle would have added their caring and friendly ingredients to the gathering. But we can always have nice thoughts of them as we visit. And I will.
   Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties!

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