Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sis and Bob Weber, 1916 - Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Weber, Sis and Bob, 1916


I've been having a great time scanning and organizing some old family photos that hadn't made it to the computer yet.  So, now I've also created a tremendous potential for Wordless Wednesday posts. Thought I'd jump in with a Weber family treasure. Here's my mom, Rosemary Ethel Weber (Sis) and her brother Robert Walter Weber.  The photo dates sometime in 1916 since Sis is just a baby.  Bob would be two years old.  It's probably taken at 733 Parkway on Indianapolis' south side, the home where my mother was born.  They seem to be dressed up for a special occasion. Isn't Bob's outfit something! Maybe this is a sunny fall day after they've attended Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  Or maybe a party........


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To see another photo of these two loving Weber siblings, CLICK HERE.


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