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The Kuhn Cousins, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1938: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

       Cousins, cousins – good times!  This gathering of Kuhn Family was on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary of Harry Lawrence Weber and Otillia “Tillie” Catherine Kuhn, parents of of six of these folks and aunt and uncle to the rest.  I know from my mom and aunts’ stories that the Kuhn cousins had a great time whenever they came together.  As seemed to happen often, the party was at the home of Julia (Kuhn) Hinz, Tillie’s sister, on Talbott Street in Indianapolis, Indiana.  You can barely see Julia on the right edge of the photo.  She probably thought she wasn’t in the shot.  The cousins range in age from the youngest, Harry J. Weber, at age 11 at the left front, to Gert Hinz at the right front, age 21.Kuhn Cousins pose at Julia Hinz' home in 1938
Home of Julia Hinz, June 13, 1938:
Harry Weber, Dolly Weber, Pauline Hinz, Peg Weber, Antoinette Sauer, Helen Kuhn, Gin Weber, Mildred Stuckey, Rose Weber, Dot Hinz, Gert Hinz.
Back row: Dick Sauer, Future Mrs. Dick Sauer, Bob Weber (peeking through in the middle) and Ray Hinz.

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  1. Awwww..... I love this!! Can't imagine all those girl sisters and cousins for little Harry Weber! Thanks!


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