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Celebrating the Life of Margaret Elizabeth “Peg” Stull, 1924 - 2018

Peg Stull, 2013, enjoying Weber Kuhn Family Reunion 
 I want to add my salute to the life of Margaret Elizabeth “Peg” (Weber) Stull.  Aunt Peg passed away on July 22, 2018, after visiting with all three of her children and several family members.  I was fortunate to be there for a time with her in those last hours.  Her eyes said “I know you.  Be strong.”
     Who was Peg Stull?  So many descriptions would fit!  To me, she was a vivacious, mischievous, loving Aunt.  Her zest for life, her independent and fun-loving attitude stand out when I reflect on her.  One prominent part of her being was how she was always ready to pass along her experience and help you to learn about anything she might be able to share.
1928, Harry L. Weber (Dad), Harry, Dolly, Peg, Gin, Rose (Sis), Bob, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, Mom Of course, she was so prominently a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt and friend.  Her husband, Jim, left this life 28 years earlier.  Their home was always open to all members of the extended family.  Peg never missed a beat as a loving mother to Mary Anne, Rosie and Jimmy and also enjoying her life with all the spouses, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, neighbors and friends who were fortunate to gather happy memories that will last forever. 

Peg Weber & Jim Stull  -- Wedding 1941
     What a complete life she lived!  There were travels, building a family and home, a career as a bookkeeper, sewing projects, volunteer activities and all the fun times with friends and family that kept her involved and active.  She was ready at any time to give sewing instructions, to share a pattern or give pointers on quilting or crocheting.  She would gladly give out her cooking recipes or any other skill she possessed.  When Jerry and I traveled in our motorhome for several years and would visit her occasionally, she wanted to hear all about our latest adventure.  Her eyes would light up when we told her of the places we traveled.  When I wanted to know about crocheting she pulled out her stash of books and gave me not only her advice, but the written instructions and needles so that I could make some of the pieces she had enjoyed making herself.

    Of course, as most everyone knew, quilting was one of her obsessions for so many years.  She made them skillfully for friends, family and charity.  And there were also the curtains she sewed for the needy to be distributed through St. Vincent de Paul Society.  When they called to say there was a family in need, she responded by putting her sewing skills into gear to help the less fortunate. 
Rose's 85th birthday
     After I retired  in 2000 Peg began to generously assist me with family history so that I could put together the pieces of the story.  She was always a willing source for me.  We would sit in her kitchen at 2424 Fairfax Road and talk about her younger years growing up on Singleton Street near Garfield Park in Indianapolis.  I could put together what I learned from my mom, Sis, and the other Weber brothers and sisters, Bob, Gin, Dolly and Harry.  Without Peg’s colorful and honest input the story would lack some of its luster.  And it was so much fun to have those visits with her.  For instance, one day Jerry and I went for lunch when she fixed beef stew.  He was getting interested in cooking and her stew was delicious.  She shared her personal hints and Jerry carried on using that knowledge to this day.  I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to include some of her recipes in the section on this blog named, Family Recipe Friday. (See the list at left.)
Weber Siblings in the backyard on Singleton Street, Indpls     Another important facet of the family history writing is giving additional life through photos.  Aunt Peg immediately opened her albums and shared whatever I wanted to assist in that respect.   That’s when we were able to gather Uncle Shad’s WWII  Army history and mementos. Her memories of the war years were so interesting and personal.   She told of her experiences in following Shad to various training sites in California, Texas and Georgia before he was shipped overseas. And she generously included her feelings about the hardships of being married through those times.
      As we looked through her photos, Peg had sketches for me of years of experiences.  How she and my mother, Rose, shared certain traits.  How she enjoyed her job at Stokely Van Camp. How her sister, Dolly, shared quilting joys with her.  And on and on…..   She filled in the gaps in my knowledge of early years in her life, as well as sharing her joys with current grandchildren and great grandchildren. I gained valuable insights about our family and the happenings that make the story complete.

     I’m so happy that Peg chose to make these differences in my life and in all of our family.  I feel that she left a lasting mark.

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(Throughout this post are photos that are a glimpse at the life of Peg Weber Stull.  They begin with her Weber family in the 1920s and 30s and continue through her life in the 1940s – 2018.   They include a mixture of photos of quilts she made, gatherings with siblings and nieces and nephews, and recent family reunions.)

2012, Peg Stull & Ruth Weber, Weber Kuhn Family Reunion

Peg Stull and Rosie Walters, Quilt winner

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