Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Long-awaited Photo of South Alabama Street Weber Home Just Appeared - Almost Wordless Wednesday

    Alabama Street Home, Indianapolis, IN, Harry and Mary Weber
     For so many years we've talked about the Weber home on South Alabama Street in Indianapolis where Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber raised 11 children, including my grandfather, Harry Lawrence Weber.  Where so many stories have originated of gatherings, grandchildren's explorations, card games and every day living.  Yes, everyone knew where it used to stand.  Where many old homes were torn down to make way for the huge Eli Lilly complex of buildings.  And, yes, I did have one, sort of photo.  It was a photo showing the skeleton of the home as it was being scheduled for demolition. 
     Well, thanks to Carole Ditlinger Greer, a cousin of my mother and her five Weber siblings, we now have a wonderful photo for the records.  I'm so happy that Carole shared this memory with us.  Members of this large family, usually at least three people, occupied the Alabama Street home from 1893 to 1945.  There could be volumes of stories written on the happenings there. But for now, I'm going to just say…..It's so nice to finally see you.  Hooray!!!!!!


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