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Carrying On With Our Weber Kuhn Reunion -- August 2018

       The day of the 2018 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion came and passed so quickly.  Time gets away from me and I'm just now getting around to following up with the report on this great family day. . . . . .  But anyway, I'm pausing now to say that there was another friendly, fun reunion of our Weber Kuhn family on  August 25, 2018, at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana.  It seems as though we're starting a tradition of pouring down rain.  But, as usual, the weather didn't dampen any spirits and it became an even more pleasant afternoon as soon as the rain ceased.  We had shelter when needed and were comfortable being with each other.Rosie Walters and her brother, Jim Stull.  Rosie and Jim are children of Jim and Peg (Weber) Stull.
       Marti Fleetwood, Pat Holzer and Rosie Walters put together their organizing talents for a very nice event.  Of course, every attendee contributed fantastic food that we all enjoyed greatly.Piper Jackson and her mom, Jennifer Jackson. Piper is a great granddaughter of Jim and Peg (Weber) Stull.  This one will go down as the "meatball" reunion.  I guess they sounded good because we had five different varieties show up from different households.  I didn't hear any complaints as everyone sampled at least three.  And I can't even begin to name the other yummy delights. 
      The six Weber Kuhn siblings from whom we all descend would be so pleased that we all gather.  And we were especially happy to see our latest family contingent from the Ditlinger family. We all claim Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber as our ancestors.    Carol Greer and her son, Doug, and her brother, Don, attended this year. Carol again brought along some fabulous old history and shared her photos with me to scan.  Don related his memories of teenage years when he recalls hanging out with Harry Weber and his sister, Dolly Weber.  It was a lot of fun for us cousins to hear him talk about these two, our mother, father, aunt or uncle.  I am so glad to have the family history photos that Carol has saved.  I shared one earlier of the Weber home on Alabama Street. (Page down for that post.) More of these photos will be following here on the blog.
     Marti once again created a beautiful heritage quilt using her sewing talents and the squares created by family members  at last year's reunion.   Sara Walters was thrilled to have her raffle ticket drawn.  I don't yet have that photo but I will follow up with it soon.Darrell Bragg & Krissy Underwood.  Darrell and Krissy are engaged to be married in Spring, 2019. Krissy is my daughter.
     The few sample photos I have in this post portray the fun and loving group. Top left is Rose Walters and her brother, Jim Stull.  On the right is Piper Jackson and her mom, Jennifer.  Bottom left is Darrell Bragg and Krissy Underwood. All super people!!  More photos that I managed to snap between my visits and exploring through old photo albums are posted on the Family Reunion page on this blog:  Oh, I have to mention that I had a photography assistant this year - Piper Jackson.  You'll see some photos on the Weber Kuhn Reunion page that are from a lower perspective.  Those are the ones she did such a good job of taking for me.   I'll have more to collect and post here but the  Weber Kuhn Reunion page gives a good idea of the nice day that we all had together on August 25.  This is one fantastic family!

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  1. sorry we weren't able to make it this year! Sounds like we missed a fun time and some great stories from the past!! Loved looking at the pictures! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Weber Family!!


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