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Niehaus Reunion 2015 - Reflecting On Family

It's really nice to save a little time each year to remember, restore, retain, replenish, relax and recreate with extended family. And so it goes with the Niehaus family.  As our tradition has been for over 75 years, the 2015 Niehaus Family Reunion took place on September 12.  This year's picnic seemed a bit sparse in attendance, probably about 40 - 50 people. But it sure was a great group that came to the Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana.  Everyone mingled, laughed, perused the old photos, bid on silent auction items, sampled the nice array of food, participated in the family heritage quilt raffle and just enjoyed seeing one another.  Now there's yet one more story to be added to our history.   
I've decided to let a few of our family members captured during the 2015 reunion provide a glimpse of the event:
Gib and Bo have some great family memories to share.  And Bo is holding a copy of my Niehaus Family Newsletter.  Maybe they're thinking of stories for next year.
Two amigo cousins and just plain nice guys: Bo Buis and Gib Hickman shared the family news.  I believe they were even sharing that copy of my Niehaus Newsletter.

Brenda Henigan with her aunt, Diana Pugh
Happy niece and aunt, Brenda Henigan and Diana Pugh always bring smiles.

Grinning with a gorgeous smile is Aniah Buis, daughter of Pork and Amy Buis, granddaughter of Bo and Glenda Buis.
Cutie patootie, Aniah Buis, enjoyed her coloring and also was ready to take part in our festivities. 

Scotty Moreland, son of Connie Walters Moreland
Scotty Moreland got his chance to visit with the popular little puppy of the day.

Inscribing family quilt squares is a labor of love  for everyone.  We know that next year's quilt will include every one of them, along with some special ones made by Peg Stull as she completes the quilt design.
Mary Anne Lindblom and Krissy Underwood created beautiful family quilt squares for next year's memento.

The 1940 Reunion photo contains many of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  Hopefully, we can somehow identify  every one of them.
Rosie Walters and Amy Buis try to identify those in our 1940 Reunion photo.

Cousins: Marti, Evelyn, Nancy & Diana. So much fun to be together!
Grandchildren of John Niehaus, Marti Fleetwood, Evelyn Simmerman, Nancy Hurley & Diana Pugh - Just plain happy to see each other.

Miles Bruggeman - what a handsome fellow. And mom, Jamie, is lovely.
3rd great grandson of Joseph & Gertrude Niehaus, Miles Bruggeman, along with his mom, Jamie added their own special touch to the day.

2014 Niehaus Family Quilt made from squares created at the 2014 Reunion by the attendees.
Beautiful Niehaus Family Heritage Quilt created by Peg Stull, with assistance from Marti Fleetwood.  The lucky winner was Ellie Slinger, daughter of Amy Buis & granddaughter of Bo & Glenda Buis.

Yes, we are fortunate to have our Niehaus clan.  Thanks to everyone who attended for the nice afternoon.  Hope to see one and all next year!
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A reunion photo album is posted at the Niehaus Reunion tab at the top of this page also.  Family members are welcome to download photos.
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